Presents – June 13, 2022

This will be the last Presents for the foreseeable future. I have decided to end the Presents design blog to allow other priorities. This in no way reflects work on our current KB Presents projects: Chronicle and Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold. We are very excited about them! As part of our streamlining, future messaging and... Continue Reading →

Presents – May 30, 2022

...and just like that, the future is now the Present. If you are not a Patron, you strongly encourage you to get in and take a look at the recent Threshold game session videos. The past weekend was an amazing game with a special guest player and there was so much happening. I get the... Continue Reading →

Presents – May 16, 2022

Presents... lots of presents...! If you're a Patron of Keith's, you get to see some exclusive art and text about Argonth from Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold. Argonth has always been a fun little favorite of mine, it reminds me of the landships of Terra Nova from Heavy Gear. If you're a Patron you can see... Continue Reading →

Presents – May 2, 2022

Presents under the tree? Wow, we have sooo much we cannot tell you. The past month has been incredibly busy with work and we've got so many more secret projects on the go than ever before. I'm finding it useless to "star" my emails and projects at this point, they're not being differentiated from regular... Continue Reading →

Presents – April 19, 2022

No time like the... wait... I used that one already. Apologies if you were waiting for this post on Monday. It was Easter Monday here and the activities tend to be packed to the gills... or whatever you non-daelkyr/quori breathe with. While discussing some future projects with Keith, it dawned on me how important it... Continue Reading →

Presents – April 4, 2022

What to do with all these Presents? Wow, that was a busy week. I always tell my clients to text or email me, because when they invariably call, I'm in the middle of something else--generally speaking to another client. However, when I am sitting and doing paperwork, never receive a call. Same thing happens with... Continue Reading →

Presents – March 28, 2022

No time like the Presents! Unfortunately, this post will be a bit truncated. We've recently returned from travel and for some reason, work continued to pile up while we were away. The past week has been catch up and not left a lot of time. You should see the art proofs that have come in... Continue Reading →

Presents – March 14, 2022

No time like the Presents... (The miracle of technology allows me to launch this article while being away on vacation. However, it also means there will not be Presents next Monday.) Keith and I were talking about the next session(s) of his Patreon game. I'm going to spoil something... it has something to do with... Continue Reading →

Presents – March 7, 2022

Presents of mind and body... no... wait... I'll be keeping things short this week. There are weeks that I am very inspired to write-up something to share--sometimes writing up the blog post days in advance--and there are other times putting words to screen just leaves the flashing cursor impression burned as an afterimage. The past... Continue Reading →

Presents – February 28, 2022

Let's get ready to rrr--yeah, nope. If you follow along on Keith's blog, you'll see a lot of articles recently, such as the long awaited conclusion to the Dark Six series. (If you are a behind the scenes reader, you may know that there was a coalition of backers conspiring to bring the article to... Continue Reading →

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