Presents – February 7, 2022

Who wants Presents?!? Not quite the right feel… back to the workshop.

I was speaking to Keith about the Patreon Threshold game last week, asking specifically about where he sees the campaign going/ending. It is really interesting to see the elements developed for Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold come to life in a campaign… also, how last session nearly ended the story for five of the ten main characters with a wand of wonder. Your game in Threshold might not end up the same as how Keith has played this one out, but the Patrons might get to see how their experiences have influenced the book…

Speaking of adventures, Threshold originally started off as a project codenamed “Hunger”. The plan was to create an introductory campaign set somewhere other than Sharn, in the vein of Lost Mine of Phandelver. There is discussion about whether this project will continue because of resource and time constraints. I bring this up to give some transparency to what we’re working on and unfortunately we do not have the warforged-power at the moment.

When we first started KB Presents, I was unaware of how amused I would be in the role of art director–specifically ordering illustrations. Part of it is definitely spending money on commissions (no idea why I never thought about doing it before). Currently there is a very small queue of images being worked on: four for Chronicles and one for Fromage. These are early stage concepts, so no peeking today. However, part of my role as art director is trying to translate Keith’s ideas into a visual style and baseline. Look and feel is important, since it establishes a specific Kanon of what Eberron looks like.

Take Epitaph for example (above). The image above (by Bad Moon) was developed specifically to visualize the fashion of Thrane. By itself, it might not seem significant, but along with other images, we start to establish a more colorful interpretation of the world. This is something I bug Keith about constantly, “How should this look? What style or feel? Is there a real world analogue to show the artist?” I’ll talk more about my role as the art director in the following weeks and maybe even include some teasers!

Carolina Cesario is our spotlight artist this week. She started illustrating for us in Exploring Eberron with the full page Climb image and has continued with outstanding work since then. Several of her illustrations appear in Threshold and she is currently working on an image for Chronicle. No secret reveals today, but we have a wonderful image Carolina has done waiting for the right moment…

That’s it for this week!


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  1. The art direction of KBP has been fantastic. Seeing familiar characters reimagined or depicted for the first time, and the sense of familiarity following the Badgers through their Eberron adventures.


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