Presents – February 14, 2022

Did you get a present for Valentine’s Day?

Have you heard about Manifest Zone? Check out the new episode where we ramble on about Eberron for an hour until we have to stop because of time constraints! We talk about organized crime and completely forget to mention disorganized crime, i.e. player characters. KB Presents and Twogether do actually sponsor the show (in case anyone was thinking that was some joke we put into the beginning).

Things are pretty quiet on the production front at the moment. Keith is working on Chronicles–there is not much fanfare, just methodical work–and I’m reviewing art as it comes in. Quiet is good, it means steady progress, but it is not exactly exciting to write about! Some of the game mechanics for the book are almost ready for playtesting as well. For the sake of transparency, here is a teaser:

…oh no, I’ve gone and done that all wrong. Oops. What I’ve not really teased is some work in progress on Chronicle’s cover art by Thomas Bourdon. I’ll definitely be highlighting our cover artist in a future Presents post.

Did you know that Keith is a character in Marvel comics? He’s appears in the Mockingbird series a few times, along with Ping. Relevance? None really, just some random trivia I remembered while writing this post.

I was reviewing some old photos a few days ago–specifically seeing my child chasing after shark cosplayers at PAX East 2019–and I am reminded about how KB Presents got started. When I first brought up the idea to Keith, I had only known him a few years recording Manifest Zone together. We’d actually only met in person for the first time a few months earlier. So when met up again at PAX East, the idea of Exploring Eberron was born, but not without some trepidation and a lot of wondering “is this even going to work?” I have been told there is also some misconceptions about what kind of funding or backing we had, which I’d like to clear up. I personally funded the entire Exploring Eberron project from my own pocket, including over $6,000 USD in art. If we didn’t do well–if we didn’t sell a “break even” amount–it wouldn’t be a company taking a loss. What I wanted at the end of the day was to bring my friend’s vision of Eberron to life (and get my name in a hardcover somewhere other than “playtester”). That is the passion we approach things with today.

This week allow me to introduce GAOZ! You may know her work from the cover of Dread Metrol amongst other art. The image above however, is not from one of our KB Presents projects, but a personal commission for a warforged character of mine. GAOZ is currently working on an illustration for Chronicle and has multiple images completed for Threshold.

A quick note, there will be no Presents on February 21st as I’m away on vacation. Back to normal schedule the following week!


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