Presents – February 28, 2022

Let’s get ready to rrr–yeah, nope.

If you follow along on Keith’s blog, you’ll see a lot of articles recently, such as the long awaited conclusion to the Dark Six series. (If you are a behind the scenes reader, you may know that there was a coalition of backers conspiring to bring the article to life.) You may have also noticed that a lot of Patreon exclusive articles have been teased on the blog as well. One of the latest is a preview of Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold, specifically some insight into Ardev in the frontier region. (I voted for Argonth, but only because there is new art for it… spoilers.)

I mentioned last post that I met Keith in-person for the first time in 2018. It just occurs to me that I did manage to record that panel and we had it put on Manifest Zone as a special episode. This is when Keith and I first got to talking about what would become Exploring Eberron–though we did not really have a concrete concept other than “what Keith was never able to publish for Eberron“. Also, we got to eat Brazilian BBQ–which has not re-opened since the start of the pandemic. (That is my go-to restaurant when inviting gaming industry people out to dinner, go figure!)

I’ve been asked a few times in February about putting a date on Chronicle and unfortunately, we just cannot promise anything at the moment. Behind the scenes, KB Presents is not the only thing that we do on a daily basis. Keith is a game designer and is currently working with Airship Syndicate, Imogen is a space scientist, and I am in the middle of busy season for financial services. But to shed some teasers to the patient reader audience, we are in the middle of development of game mechanics for the book, so things are rolling along.

Oh nooo, that’s all gone quite badly! (If you don’t recognize the quote, I’ve been watching the show on Prime the past couple weeks.) You would think that with a degree in computers I would be able to resize an image better. Well, I guess that is another Chronicle preview by Julio that I’ve ruined this week.

(Note: The next few weeks are very busy and hectic for the production team, so updates might be more sporadic as we manage all the changes. A lot of work and personal items have piled up and we are taking time and space to manage those. I will do my best to keep spoiling teasers for you!)

I get the pleasure of working with a lot of amazing and talented people since we started KB Presents back in 2019, but without a doubt one of the people who we owe our success to is Laura Hirsbrunner, editor and layout artist. Mother of two, editor of MONSTERS (Exploring Eberron has more words than Eberron: Rising from the Last War and she did it solo), and rising star of the TTRPG world, we are privileged to have her as part of the team since the start! Did you also know she is an graphic artist? Who knows where her name will pop up next…

That’s all for Presents this week!


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