Presents – March 7, 2022

Presents of mind and body… no… wait…

I’ll be keeping things short this week. There are weeks that I am very inspired to write-up something to share–sometimes writing up the blog post days in advance–and there are other times putting words to screen just leaves the flashing cursor impression burned as an afterimage. The past weeks have been difficult for both Keith and I, there are offline situations to take care of that require more than full attention. Keith has mentioned a few things on his Patreon, while my difficulties are ongoing. On that note as well, we likely won’t have much time for an episode of Manifest Zone until April.

We are speaking with some partners about some stuff that goes outside of just books on Dungeon Masters Guild. It definitely exciting to me, but I cannot do anymore than vague-cast and hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised when we finally announce!

I keep mangling these images, like magic. What it is supposed to be is the full wraparound cover for Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold by Thomas Bourdon. Thomas is the cover artist for Exploring Eberron as well as for Project: Chronicle. It was a certain illustration of Thomas’ that convinced me he was the artist I wanted for our covers.

No highlight/showcase this week, but I am looking at making a gallery or media area on the website where we can display some of our favorite pieces from past books (rather than having to search them through Twitter or Discord).

Until next time…


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