Presents – March 28, 2022

No time like the Presents!

Unfortunately, this post will be a bit truncated. We’ve recently returned from travel and for some reason, work continued to pile up while we were away. The past week has been catch up and not left a lot of time. You should see the art proofs that have come in though… maybe I’ll ruin another one next time!

As I alluded to last post, Keith had an interesting Patreon Threshold game yesterday. There was quite the buzz in the Patreon Discord channel. Many of the players get their cosplay on, with character costumes and other effects, to add to the game immersion. While I know what was planned for the game, every DM understands that no plan survives contact with player characters.

Nothing specific to say, but keep an eye on the Twogether website for some changes coming in the next few months…

Continuing with cartography spotlights, allow me to introduce a wonderful homebrew map we were directed to last year. I was so impressed with his work that I had to contact Yan-Jie Schnellbach to work on a couple of maps for us! Look forward to seeing his work in Threshold as well as an unannounced project in the future!

Until next time…!


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