Presents – April 19, 2022

No time like the… wait… I used that one already.

Apologies if you were waiting for this post on Monday. It was Easter Monday here and the activities tend to be packed to the gills… or whatever you non-daelkyr/quori breathe with.

While discussing some future projects with Keith, it dawned on me how important it is to have both breadth and depth of knowledge. Specifically when talking about designing roleplaying games and game lore, having more background to draw upon than just Dungeons & Dragons. I do not mean detailed knowledge about the history of the potato or Middle Eastern fashion of the 16th century, but have a solid foundation of understanding about fairy tales and superstitions, novel writing, or how to use primal story types. It is these things combined with a love of D&D that makes the things we create special.

We’re continuing the playtesting for Project: Chronicle. We have a couple concurrent projects that interlace with the book, so we’re making very sure to not get ahead of ourselves. Things are looking very good on development, however, so I’m optimistic on a new schedule.

A slightly different spotlight today. One of the Patrons from Keith’s Patreon has done a couple illustrations of Threshold game events. Matthew Johnson is the creator of the Tari dancing image above. If you like his work, give his page a look.

My KB Presents task list and meeting reports are full of things we can’t talk about but we are terribly excited about. So… work on your mind-reading!

Until next time…


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