Presents – May 2, 2022

Presents under the tree?

Wow, we have sooo much we cannot tell you. The past month has been incredibly busy with work and we’ve got so many more secret projects on the go than ever before. I’m finding it useless to “star” my emails and projects at this point, they’re not being differentiated from regular emails.

Something I can speak about is this poll over on Keith’s Patreon. Keith and I were discussing things and sometimes we got really “hmmm” ideas… so we decided to put some funds into some fun illustrations. These actually fall under the purview of Project: Fromage, but over the next weeks and months, the Patrons will get to see the images they voted on come to life through work in progress updates and other fun behind-the-scenes reveals of our art process. Of course, we’ll be speaking with our favorite artists throughout. I believe the poll ends very soon! Get your votes in now!

Stay tuned for additional updates regarding the Patreon and other project dates… more news coming SOON™!

Until the next Presents…


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