Presents – May 30, 2022

…and just like that, the future is now the Present.

If you are not a Patron, you strongly encourage you to get in and take a look at the recent Threshold game session videos. The past weekend was an amazing game with a special guest player and there was so much happening. I get the privilege of seeing some of the interesting things that go into prep behind the scenes, but there was no way to predict how it would turn out. You just have to tune in and see! Thank you so much B. Dave Walters for being such a wonderful guest on the episode (you know what you did). <Insert horrid evil laughter here. You know what it sounds like.>

I am hoping to have an official announcement for some of the things we are working on that do not even have a codename yet over the summer. It is just another way to officially engage with the content we have here at KB Presents. (Wow, that sounded corporate!)

Project: Fromage rolls along, this time let’s see how Sharn is doing…

…not well I suppose. Here is a concept drawing from Julio for the Fall of Sharn, as the Lady of the Plagues and Halas Tarkanan drop the city down around them at the end of the War of the Mark. This pivotal moment in Eberron history comes at a horrible price and we wanted to capture that struggle and pain as part of what defines Keith’s #InMyEberron. Of course I will do my best to mangle the images as the work progresses (this is not the latest iteration) and you need to be a Patron (or understand how our system of tithes and bribery work) to see it first!

Until next time…


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