Illimat Second Edition & Expansions Preorder Launches November 1st

For those of you who have been waiting for Illimat & The Crane Wife to come back in stock, the day is coming soon! We're pleased to announce that the pre-order for Illimat second edition, The Crane Wife Expansion, a new expansion and a few other delights will be available for preorder at on November 1st starting at 9am pacific/12 noon eastern. 
In the weeks leading up to the pre-order, we'll be posting each week on Wednesdays right here on our blog to share more details on the second edition and expansions. 
- Jenn & Keith 


  • James

    I only have the base game, what will I need to get both(?) expansions?

  • Jenn from Twogether Studios

    Hello Lincoln – you do not need to order the second edition of Illimat if you already own it! If you already own The Crane Wife expansion there will be a new expansion + a new special item as well. – Jenn

  • Lincoln

    As a first edition KS owner, is there any reason to order the second? Can I just order the new rulebook and new expansionm

  • Emma

    NEW EXPANSION!! I am so grateful to see my favorite game is still alive and growing.

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