Presents – March 14, 2022

No time like the Presents... (The miracle of technology allows me to launch this article while being away on vacation. However, it also means there will not be Presents next Monday.) Keith and I were talking about the next session(s) of his Patreon game. I'm going to spoil something... it has something to do with... Continue Reading →

Presents – February 28, 2022

Let's get ready to rrr--yeah, nope. If you follow along on Keith's blog, you'll see a lot of articles recently, such as the long awaited conclusion to the Dark Six series. (If you are a behind the scenes reader, you may know that there was a coalition of backers conspiring to bring the article to... Continue Reading →

Presents – February 7, 2022

Who wants Presents?!? Not quite the right feel... back to the workshop. I was speaking to Keith about the Patreon Threshold game last week, asking specifically about where he sees the campaign going/ending. It is really interesting to see the elements developed for Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold come to life in a campaign... also, how... Continue Reading →

Update: Exploring Eberron

OneBookShelf (parent company of Dungeon Masters Guild) has informed all print publishers that prices for print-on-demand books is increasing. Unfortunately, this includes the Exploring Eberron hardcover. We will be re-pricing the hardcover and combo in response to the changes. Go to and get your copy today! Prices go up on July 1, 2021!

Exploring Eberron Available Now!

Join Eberron setting creator Keith Baker in this tour through the lands, oceans, and planes of Eberron. Exploring Eberron presents Keith's vision of Eberron like never before, with fresh lore and rich illustrations to bring the setting to life. Go to to get your copy today!

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